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I'm fundraising for a great cause!

My #YourWay Challenge is to (mainly) walk 750kms in September – that’s 25kms a day (or 35,000 steps according to my FitBit).

Why am I doing this? A number of reasons. Working for ANZUP for close to 18 months now I see the great work that we are doing for below the belt cancers in the clinical trial space, and every dollar raised in this #YourWay Challenge goes directly to clinical trial research.

I also see the importance of keeping fit – both mentally and physically as I head towards my milestone birthday next March (yes 21 again!).

Working at ANZUP, I know the work and funds raised that we do today will see better outcomes for patients tomorrow.

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In training for #YourWay

Tuesday 25th Aug
Today on annual leave I decided to do some training for #YourWay which starts next week.......

Think I will be sore tomorrow.......

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David And Nina Klein

Well done Nic! Look forward to your next challenge of 100,000km in 7 days!


Michael & Deb Pollak

Well done Nic. Amazing effort!!


Tam And Steven

Well done on your achievement. Amazing


Lina Morosini

Good on you darling nik xx


Kim Moore

Go Nicole go!


Julie Chiert


Judy Birze

Good on you, Judy



That is one verrry brave lonnng walk — good on you 🏆


David Gray

Almost there, just a few dollars more!


Lucy O’grady

Go Nic Go!


Peter & Mika

Brilliant effort for a great cause! Go Nicole!! Mika & Peter (Meryl's friends)


Reina, Rob And Rebecca Carrion

We’re so proud of you xxxx



Terrific effort, well done 👍😀⭐️


David Gray

Keep up the good work


Regis Lansac

Bon courage



Well done Nicole


Tamara Filer


Maureen Tankard

Congratulations on achieving over 500 Km



So inspiring. You are amazing, such a great effort and cause.


Jo Stubbs

Great effort Nicole, keep up the good work


Jaclyn Verghis

All the best- awesome challenge!


Oodie Oodie

Hurray, I’m sure you’ll smash it! Look out for the injuries!


Dash And Nethan Kana


Marlene And Carmen Glenister

Hi Nic Good luck with such a mighty challenge. Have fun along the way!



Goodluck Nic! Enjoy the walks 🙌🏼


Margaret Mcjannett

That's a lot of walking! Good luck.


Margot Vigliotti

Best wishes Nikki. X


Manuela Di Piramo

Excellent work



That’s a big challenge. All the best !!


Betina Naiman

Good luck Nic!


David And Maureen

Good luck and congratulations on your advance!


Meryl And Regis

Bon Courage Nicole !!




Michael, Zara And Mia

Good luck with your challenge!


Anne Barron


Francesca Anderson


Nicole Tankard