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I'm fundraising for a great cause! My goal is to run every day in September #YourWay

I've created this page because I want to make a difference. I'm inspired by the work of ANZUP Cancer Trials Group Ltd and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in 2020 Below the Belt #YourWay Challenge.

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. The more people that know about ANZUP, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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We're halfway there!

Tuesday 15th Sep
Day 15/30 done and dusted! Halfway through the month of September and the ANZUP Below the Belt #YourWay Challenge. Goals set and reset, wonderful supporters, running every day, what a great month I'm having! The Challenge is steaming ahead too, with over $129,000 raised so far, way ahead of the original target of $100,000 and almost at the new target of $140,000! With 15 days to go!
I've clocked up 119km, my original goal was 150km, and now on my way to 200km, or more, for the month.
Some of my fellow challenge participants have clocked up some amazing distances so far, way ahead of me!
If you have a couple of dollars to spare and would like to support me in raising funds for ANZUP, head to my fundraising page to donate.
Thanks again for your support and comments on my daily Strava spam across my social media accounts, its hugely appreciated and motivates me to get out each day!

We're away!

Tuesday 1st Sep
Day 1, an easy 5km, the minimum distance per day I've set as my goal. Melbourne's stage 4 stay at home directions make it difficult for me to do any more than about 9km in a day, because I'm fast or fit enough to do more... until at least the 13th of September. However, 5km per day is 150km for the month and that doesn't seem challenging enough!
So, the goal for the month is 200km, averaging 6.67km per day. Wish me luck and no injuries!
#YourWay #MikesWay

Smashing Targets!

Thursday 20th Aug
Wow! In what are uncertain times for everyone, my supporters have again humbled and motivated me. I've reset my fundraising goal twice now, thanks to the generous support of family and friends. Maybe I'll need to reset my Below the Belt#YourWay Challenge too?!
Training is progressing nicely and I'm pretty certain I'll be able to meet the challenge I've set myself, of at least 5km per day in September. Less than 2 weeks to go!

Every Day!?

Saturday 1st Aug

In September 2020 I'll be endeavouring to run a minimum of 5km every day, to continue my support of ANZUP Cancer Trials Group, in the Below the Belt #YourWay challenge.

What is #YourWay?

Below the Belt #YourWay is a community challenge that fund raises for ANZUP Cancer Trials Group Ltd. In this challenge, you can cycle, walk or run as many kilometres as you can throughout the month of September 2020. All funds raised through this challenge will go straight towards funding future ANZUP cancer research for below the belt cancers.

As most will know, I'm affected by one of the below the belt cancers, Bladder Cancer, and I will do anything I can to assist in adding to research funding and knowledge to find better treatments and a potential cure for this disease. ANZUP currently has 3 active Bladder Cancer trials and one in follow up. I'd like to see that expand in coming years and one way I can help ANZUP achieve that is through the Below The Belt #YourWay challenge in September.

If you're able to assist financially that would be most welcome and if not that's cool, but I'd appreciate your moral support!
I'll apologise in advance for bombarding your news feed with my updates! I need to keep myself accountable to you and to myself!
#YourWay #MikesWay

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congratulations on the big run.



Fantastic going Michael


Cathy Elliott


David Lambie


Andy Ormesher

Mike, an amazing amount of km to clock up in a calendar month - go you good thing!


Lemuel Pinpin

Keep on moving and keep on inspiring us Michael!


Gordon Parker


Nicole Twycross

Such an inspiration ❤️


Ken Mcgregor





Fantastic effort Mike 👏👏


Carol Franklin


Warren Maynard


Garry Yaxley

Good luck mate. Cancer sucks


Val & Peter Davis

Good on you Mike, all the best.


Rosemary Webb

Looking forward to following your journey. Best wishes.


Peter Balding

You're and inspiration to us all mate!


Billy & Kath

Go you good thing!



Go Mike! There's too much of this rubbish affecting good people.


Brett Williams

I can’t be the only crazy one


David Lambie

Wishing health and strength to pound the ground.


Kim Wilson

Good luck Michael, great job and for a good cause..



We love you Michael!


Mel & Pat Maple

Looking forward to following your 5k a day running journey!


John And Carmel Carney

Keep up the great work Mike


Donna Trewern

Go well and be Mike, every step like every dollar helps.


Michael Twycross