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#MoveYourWay is a month-long challenge anyone can do – because you set the goal yourself.

This May, choose how you move, your distance or time goal, and raise vital funds for practice changing cancer research.

You can do it anyway, anywhere and anytime, all while raising funds to help improve the lives of those affected by below the belt (prostate, testicular, bladder, kidney and penile) cancers.

Last year 27,224 Aussies were diagnosed with a below the belt cancer, and 4,502 in people in New Zealand. That's 77 people every day!

At ANZUP, we conduct clinical trials and research for below the belt cancers to improve lives. But without extraordinary people like you, it wouldn't be possible.

Improve your fitness, raise awareness and help us fund future clinical trials for below the belt cancers.


The Below the Belt #MoveYourWay Challenge is about doing it #YourWay from the comfort of your home, in your office or in your local area to help raise awareness and much needed funds for below the belt cancers.

You can choose to cycle, walk, run, swim, play sport, dance... any move, any way. Do it as a team, with your family, with a friend or by yourself. Do it every day, or some days in May.

Our #MoveYourWay Challenge is open to all in Australia and New Zealand.

Do it #YourWay and help us raise $150,000 for ANZUP’s below the belt cancer research.

Why #MoveYourWay

ANZUP member Professor Dickon Hayne shares more about #MoveYourWay and the cancer research being funded by the Challenge.

How it works


Choose between two #MoveYourWay registration packages, either General ($35) or Premium ($65). Each gives you limited edition #MoveYourWay goodies, access to the event and challenges, plus the opportunity to win tonnes of prizes.

How to track #YourWay

Participating in Below the Belt #MoveYourWay is easy - simply set a fitness target and use what you already have at home to track either your distrance (kms) or your time (minutes) spent exercising. Connect your fitness tracker or app to make this event easier!

How to Participate

The #MoveYourWay Challenge is all about getting out there and moving. How you move is up to you and the options are endless. Simply move throughout May and track either your distrance (kms) or your time (minutes) via your personal #YourWay page.


Kick start your challenge with our #MoveYourWay resources. Help spread the word about the challenge and boost your fundraising efforts


Support or challenge yourself against one of our #MoveYourWay Challenge Ambassadors. Will you out pace Manu on the bike? Or beat Nicole's mammoth kilometer target?

Get involved

Participate in our weekly Mini-Challenges throughout May to go in the running for some serious #MoveYourWay swag and fantastic prizes.

Goodies, Your Way

Every bit counts when it comes to cancer research, so we encourage all #MoveYourWay participants to set themselves a fundraising target of $500 each ($100 for kids).

To thank you for your efforts, we have some special gifts for our key funrdraisers:

All fundraisers who raise over $500 in donations will receive a #MoveYourWay limited edition sports belt, perfect for carrying everything you might need while exercising – including your phone, keys, ID, cards, cash, medical devices and more.

All fundraisers who raise over $1000 in donations will receive a #MoveYourWay limited edition hoodie jumper.

Donate to a fundraiser


Share how you're doing it #YourWay by tagging your pictures on Instagram & Facebook with #MoveYourWay

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