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Every week throughout September we will be throwing down the gauntlet with a #YourWay mini-challenge.

These mini-challenges will be fun ways for you to interact with our #YourWay community, share your progress and win some great prizes. Here's how to enter:

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WEEK 1: Show us #YourWay

2 September - 11 September 2020

Since our campaign is all about individuality and flexibility, our first Mini-Challenge we want to hear from you! We want you to Show us #YourWay - share why you are joined us for #YourWay and let us know how you will be participating throughout the month. We want to hear about your kilometre goals and how you'll be staying on track!
Congratulations to Sophie M who won a $100 MacGear ANZ voucher with her entry.

Here are some of our entries for this Mini-Challenge.

"I'm planning on doing 500kms on my bike throughout September" 
- Manu Feildel (Chef & TV Presenter)

Support Manu

"Just a thought....all the info we are getting about clinical trials for COVID 19 vaccines has highlighted the effort and rigour that goes into developing therapeutic products. It's a expensive process.

We mustn't forget that running parallel to COVID, people are still being diagnosed with cancers and the battle to find treatments continues. If you put your hand down the back of your sofa, you might find a treasure trove of coins that have been squeezed out someone's supa-skinny jeans back pocket. Dust off the crisps and cat fluff and consider donating it. You didn't know it was there so you won't miss it ?"
- Margaret Gatling

Support Margaret

"Under lockdown the only way is virtual hill climbs - so far >7000m elevation climbed upwards on the bike - Mont Ventoux, Mt Evans and others."
- Dr Andrew Weickhardt (Oncologist)

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"I’m participating in the #belowthebelt #yourway challenge this month to raise money for ANZUP research and clinical trials which will help improve the lives of people suffering from below the belt cancers (prostate, bladder, testicular, kidney & penile).

My challenge is to walk/ run 280km within the month of September.

I look after patients who suffer from these cancers everyday, it would mean so much to me if you could help me make a difference with a small donation, even just $5 could go towards research that might save someone’s life!"
- Sophie McLaughlin

Support Sophie

Congrats Sophie, you have won a $100 MacGear voucher!

"First #belowthebelt activity! 10kms on the beach, can’t think of a better #expatexperience than this for the #YourWay campaign. Although I really underestimated how exhausting this would be! A big thanks to Daniel Stenger who is my first sponsor and for his generous donation to help the GU cancer research work of ANZUP"

- Patrick Haubruck

Support Patrick

“It’s so good to get out on the bikes as a family, and even better to share my passion for cycling with my gorgeous daughters on Father's Day. It’s even better raising funds for a great cause whilst doing it” 
- Jonny Harrison (Pedalthon Ambassador)

Support Jonny

"This is how I plan to tackle my Below the Belt #YourWay Challenge to raise funds for ANZUP cancer research??‍???
I am going to do 150kms in 30 days, with one long walk and two shorter walks during the week with my buddy Monty.
PLUS a Zumba class with my Gat Attack team mate Margaret. Unfortunately it’s not dog Zumba, but the sassy strutting and chacha will definitely help boost our steps ??"
Abi Gatling

"I want to make a difference. It is time to leave the confines of my working from home station and help raise awareness and funds for below the belt cancer research.

I'm inspired everyday by the work of my ANZUP Cancer Trials colleagues, and our members, and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in the 2020 Below the Belt #YourWay Challenge."
- Gillian Bailey

Support Gill

"Together we can raise funds for cancer research."
- Mark Taylor

Support Mark

 “We organised the Origin Golf Day in support of the Below the Belt #YourWay Challenge because Origin has always supported Below the Belt events and we wanted to continue raising funds for this great cause. All participants had a fun day on the course and were proud of our fundraising efforts.”
- James Rayner & team Origin Energy

Support James

"There will be a lot of early mornings for me in September to reach my target of 750kms (that’s 25 kms a day). I plan to walk 2-3 hours each day before work, a quick lunchtime walk around the park and whatever I need to make up for the day will be an evening walk to the beach and back.

What’s the incentive for me? Every dollar raised in this #YourWay Challenge goes directly to clinical trial research and working at ANZUP I see the great work that we are doing for below the belt cancers in the clinical trial space."
Nicole Tankard

Support Nicole

"I had challenged myself to walk a minimum of 150kms and I'm very happy to report that I’m on target to achieve my stretch goal of 200kms. Tony has joined in the challenge as well and we have walked the streets of Lysterfield and lucky for us our 5km zone allows us to walk in the lovely Lysterfield National Park as well. I also gratefully thank all the family and friends who have chipped in and sponsored this event. Raising funds is vitally important to help ANZUP run clinical trials to answer questions that may help improve outcomes for #belowthebelt #cancers. We could not do this work without your support." 
- Belinda Jago (ANZUP CAP Chair)

Support Belinda

“11 women. 15 km. $3000. Walking with friends across beautiful Sydney, on a Sunday in September, and raising much needed funds for ANZUP, seemed like the perfect event! Our #YourWay Challenge is to walk from Mosman to Marrickville ending with a wine tasting to celebrate.”
- Julijana Trifunovic

Support Julijana

“'Below the Belt' started in 2014 as a Pedalathon to raise money for the ANZUP Cancer Trials Group who conduct research in the field of cancers that occur below the belt (prostate, testicular, bladder, kidney & penile). This year it’s a #yourway challenge where participants can walk, run, cycle or swim. And while I’m not any near resembling peak fitness (understatement!!),am gonna push myself for a good cause this month."
- Cara Dereuck

Support Cara

"Day 2 / 30 #YourWay Challenge"

- Michael Twycross (ANZUP CAP Member)

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"This September I’m challenging myself to walk 120km, raising awareness and funds for below the belt cancer research. But there also will be fun with a celebratory walk with my team ‘The Young and the Rest of Us’ from Double Bay to Watsons Bay (and maybe lunch in Watson’s Bay) at the end of September."
- Margaret McJannett (ANZUP CEO)

Support Margaret

"I'm doing it to assist in making a difference to below the belt cancers, and I'm so grateful to my sponsors for helping me with this. This challenge is also helping me improve my own fitness; I'm aiming for 220kms in September (10,000 steps a day!) which I will do through morning walks on the beach and other 'running around' during the rest of the day." 
- Anne Back

Support Anne

"This morning's #YourWay challenge 5 kms with #hound & small child. A morning for wrangling #smallmammals."
- A/Prof Haryana Dhillon 

"I know that times are tough for us all, the global pandemic has taken over the headlines all over the world. However when this is all over, those battling cancer will still fight on. Help me fund clinical cancer trials. Every little helps."
- Nathan Paterson

Support Nathan

“We, the Underhill family, wanted to be involved as a family to walk/run together as a way of staying fit in lockdown In regional Victoria. Sadly several members of our family have died of cancer and we wanted to raise awareness and money for this important cause. We know how important clinical trials are to improving cancer outcomes. And we thought the team name was a bit of a laugh! Go Team Undies!”
- Craig & Team Undies

Support Team Undies

WEEK 2: Express yourself #YourWay

11 September - 18 September 2020

This week we truly want you to do it #YourWay, so we are challenging you to Express Yourself #YourWay. Brighten up your run, walk, swim or cycle with a crazy outfit this week. Create some art out of your exercise route. Or share with us your fave work out beats. Don't forget to share your efforts on your #YourWay profile or on socials with @BelowtheBeltCancer #YourWay.
Enter this Mini-Challenge to win a double-pass to the movies provided by Event Cinemas.
Congratulations to Sushma S who won a double pass to Event Cinemas with her entry.

Here are some of our Week 2 entries:

Dancing over the Harbour Bridge

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Congrats Sushma, you have won an Event Cinemas double movie pass!

Repping the #YourWay merch

Support Cara

Part gym, part night club - Nicole expressing herself at Barry's Bootcamp

Support Nicole

"Riding in the Blue Mountains raising funds for ANZUP"

Support Kacper

Expressing Yourself via profile picture art

Support Gat Attack

Stunning landscape photography on a #YourWay walk

Support Leanda

Emily and Rosie taking a sun-safe approach

Support Team Bailey

Celebrating the half-way point of the #YourWay Challenge

Support Liam

Music helps me express myself & motivates my for #YourWay. Add your workout songs to the #YourWay Beats playlist

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"Day 8 of the Below the Belt #yourway challenge and I’ve got to be honest after riding for 50km you really hurt below the belt!" 

- Manu Fieldel (Chef & #YourWay Ambassador)

Support Manu

#YourWay street style

Support Grace

Maybe we should add paragliding to #YourWay next year? Photo by Natasha.

Support Natasha

"End of week 3 cycling for @ANZUPtrials Below the Belt #yourway 465km done, 135 to go."

Support Nathan

"10KM static bike ride"

Support Matt

WEEK 3: Track (and Share) #YourWay

18 September - 24 September 2020

Hello Challengers, how you are tracking so far on #YourWay journey?
We are about half-way through the challenge, so it is a good time to take stock of how much you have achieved so far. Why not share an update with your supporters, friends and colleagues on your kms and fundraising progess? Everyone loves to hear a success story.
A $50 Bunnings voucher is up for grabs - make sure you get your entries online to go in the draw.
Don't know where to start? We have some great templates you can use here:

Congratulations to Gemma, our Week 3 Mini-Challenge winner.

Here are some of our Week 3 entries:

"Annual trip away with my girls ?"

Al has completed 128km so far!

Support Al

"Shoes looking tired wink"

Support Cara

"This cause is close to my heart. Currently, I'm a collaborator in a world-first bladder cancer therapeutic trial, only made possible with a $50 000 Below the Belt start-up grant.  We can't wait to share our progress!"

- Dr Andrew Moe (ANZUP Member)

Support Andrew

The Ladies of Lifehouse - Lisa Horvath, Kate Mahon and Catriona McNeil - joined The Bay Run enthusiasts and walked 12km for #YourWay.

Support L.O.L

"This Sept, I'm pushing myself to complete as many kilometres as I can in the @BelowtheBeltANZ  #YourWay 2020 Challenge for @ANZUPtrials  cancer research."

Christopher has cycled 515kms so far!

Support Chris

"The ultimate #expatexperience run in Sydney as my 4th #Yourway activity. 21kms are tough but totally worth it. Many thanks to my running partner Dylan Ashton who always brings me to the top and eventually over my limits! If anyone still considers doing a good deed during September any donations for the Yourway campaign are appreciated!"

Support Patrick

"100km to go to reach my goal!!"

Support Nathan

"We completed 46 km in 12 hours (there were a lot of eating stops!). We ended at the Opera house at 8pm right in time for dinner! We cannot walk today but it was worth it for a good cause!"

Support Gemma

Congrats Gemma, a $50 Bunnings gift card is coming your way!

WEEK 4: Capture it #YourWay

25 September - 30 September 2020

Wow, we made it to Week 4. For this challenge, we want to celebrate our diverse #YourWay community. We have challengers from right across Australia, New Zealand and the UK too.
So this week we challenge you to snap a selfie on your next run, walk, swim or cycle to show us WHERE you've been tackling #YourWay.
Go on, make us jealous!
The winner of this Mini-Challenge will win a Booktopia gift pack!

Here are some of our entries so far:

"MADE IT!!!!"

Support Gemma

Margaret takes a stop at the iconic #Brisbane sign on her #YourWay walk

Support Margaret

Teams "Young & the Rest of Us” & “Raine, Hail or Shine”  joined together to walk 12.1kms from Double Bay to Watson’s Bay in NSW.

Support Y&TROU

Support RHOS

"Day 26: Walk to Como with the mermaids. Happiness and fulfillment to all who spotted a jellyfish!"

Support Al

"Taking in a Top Tourist site - Darling Harbour"

Support Nisha

Guess where Nicole is?

Support Nicole

#YourWay Ambassador Jonny Harrison mountain biking at Manly Dam, NSW

Support Jonny

On the outdoor velodrome, Wollongong

Support Alicia

Our furthest-away entrant! Gaayathri is representing #YourWay in London, UK.

Support Gaayathri

Marie all smiles at Sunshine Beach

Support Marie

A video entry from Nathan as he completes his 600th km with his two kids

Watch full video

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Suncorp & King Wally - Brisbane #Represent

Support Michael

Belinda completing 32kms at Lysterfield Hills Lookout

Support Belinda

Albury Wodonga

Support Chris