Join in our #YourWay Mini-Challenges & win!

Every week throughout May we will be throwing down the gauntlet with a #YourWay mini-challenge.

These mini-challenges offer fun ways for you to interact with our #YourWay community, share your progress and win some great prizes. Here's how to enter:

Snap a photo and write your entry into the challenge

Share it on your socials and tag us

Upload it to your #YourWay Profile 

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WEEK 1: Snap a pic of moving #YourWay

1 - 7 May 2022

Congratulations to Michael Twycross - the winner of the Week 1 mini challenge.

Michael's 77K #YourWay goal:  Michael has decided to carry the 77 theme through into his fundraising and activities and is recommending a $7.70 donation might be appropriate.

He will also endeavour to run 7.7kms or 15.4km (2 x 7.7)! You can also support Michael.

Congratulations Michael, a prize is heading #YourWay. 

WEEK 2: Why are you moving #YourWay 

Juliet explained, 'After surgery to entirely remove my left kidney that I was fortunate to survive after a burst aorta vein hosed, which the amazing cardiovascular team at Monash Clayton staved and saved resulting in a slightly longer operating time, little bit of ICU and my luck continued as I was invited to join the ANZUP Unison Clinical Trial for rare kidney cancer.

I want to help ANZUP to continue their incredible research and trials that make such a difference in all our lives as we are all connected somehow in someway with somebody who has cancer or is affected by cancer'. 

You can also support Juliet Lucas and below the belt cancer research.

Congratulations to Juliet Lucas - the winner of the Week 2 mini challenge!

WEEK 3: Where are ou moving #YourWay?

"This is where we walk everyday, down to the letterbox and back, with sometimes an extra stroll around the garden. Made even more pleasant by the fact that we are doing it for such a worthwhile cause - we will probably keep doing it after May!! The scenery never gets boring and the dogs and the cows have a lot of fun".

Congratulations Josephine Webster

You can also support Josephine Webster and below the belt cancer research.

WEEK 4: Celebrate #YourWay

In week 4 of the 77K move #YourWay Challenge, we want to Celebrate #YourWay. The last week of the challenge is to be celebrated! Have you achieved your km goal? Did reach your fundraising target?

Take a photo showing your success, upload to your 77K #YourWay in May profile, or on socials with the hashtag #YourWay, or send to belowthebelt@anzup.org.au

Let us all celebrate your achievements!