PRIMARY 2: Prostate cancer

20 Jul 2020

In 2020, Professor Louise Emmet and Professor Michael Hofman were awarded a Below the Belt grant for their project "PRIMARY 2". This grant would not have been possible without the fundraising efforts of all of our Below the Belt sponsors, supporters and event participants.

Prof Louise Emmett

Professor Michael Hofman

MRI is now routinely utilised for the diagnosis of prostate cancer in Australia. However, it still misses about 15-20% of important cancers, and about half of the biopsies undertaken after MRI are negative, because MRI is not completely accurate.

PSMA PET is a new technique that is helpful in staging men who have already been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The PRIMARY trial - currently underway - is assessing the value of PSMA PET in men who are suspected of having prostate cancer, and are undergoing both an MRI and a prostate biopsy.

This trial proposes to randomise men between MRI + biopsy (if required) - the current standard of care in Australia, and MRI /PSMA + biopsy (if required). The study hypothesis is that PSMA MRI will both reduce unnecessary biopsies and improve accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis, compared to using MRI alone. Also, a health economics analysis to assess cost to the community and QOL for men with prostate cancer is an important component of this trial. 

To date, the results of the study are looking promising for combination of PSMA and MRI to be more accurate than MRI alone in diagnosing important prostate cancers.

There is the potential for imaging to play a much bigger role in diagnosis of prostate cancer and for the number of biopsies required to be safely reduced.

Check back soon for further updates about this Below the Belt funded project.

Project snapshot:

 Project name: PRIMARY 2: A prospective, multicentre, randomised study of Ga-68PSMA /CT + mpMRI vs mpMRI alone for prostate cancer diagnosis

 Focus area: Prostate cancer

 Grant awarded: 2020

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