Simon Clarke


"As a 23-year-old in the middle of my final exams at Uni, I was shocked to be diagnosed with testicular cancer.”

Having spent the previous five years at Sydney University, being diagnosed with cancer was never on my radar. Suddenly I was forced to think about bigger and scarier things than what I was doing on the weekend.

As a young adult any conversation about that region is never an easy one, but thankfully instead of trying to turn a blind eye, I surprisingly found what I thought was going to be a highly embarrassing conversation was actually very matter of fact and almost routine, albeit quite a solitary one. 

I’ve since been alarmed to find out that this cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in males aged 15 to 35-years-old and yet is so rarely spoken about, with a very limited public profile. For me, early detection and the incredible medical treatment and advice by ANZUP member, Dr Peter Grimison, meant I can now carry on with life as though not much happened.

Others are less fortunate, so my efforts are focussed on both awareness and raising funds for clinical trial research to help other unsuspecting men who are forced into a position like mine.

To achieve my goals, I’ve set up “Pedalthon”, a vehicle to increase awareness and attract charitable dollars to ANZUP. Through the bike ride, I hope to help other guys tackle this very serious issue. We are looking for teams of four or more to compete and a few more sponsors to make the day a success.  I have seen firsthand what a huge difference funding makes to the treatment of people with below the belt cancers.



Dr Peter Grimison

Peter Grimison is currently Staff Specialist in Medical Oncology at the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse in Sydney; Visiting Medical Officer at Royal Prince Alfred and Dubbo Base Hospitals; and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.

Peter’s clinical work focuses on testicular cancer, other genito-urinary cancers, and upper gastro-intestinal cancers. He is involved as germ (sperm) cell subcommittee chair, member of the scientific advisory committee, trial management committee member, and site principal investigator in several national and international trials for the Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate (ANZUP) Cancer Trials Group, whose coordinating centre is based at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre of the University of Sydney. He serves as a member of the Australian Government Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, and a number of other Federal and NSW Government committees. He is also committed to teaching as coordinator of Advanced Training in Medical Oncology at the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, and also actively teaches in Basic Physician Training and the University of Sydney Medical Program.

Peter is the Patron of the Below the Belt Pedalthon and the treating specialist of Pedalthon Founder Simon Clarke.



Kaarle McCulloch

Kaarle McCulloch is an Australian professional track cyclist specialising in the area of Sprint.  At the 2012 Olympic Games, where Kaarle won Bronze in the Team Sprint with compatriot Anna Meares, Kaarle sums up her Olympic experience as: “One session, 90 min long, 6 laps and 1 min and 24 seconds worth for 8 years worth of work”.

A reflection of her hard working nature Kaarle is also a former 3xWorld Champion and former World Record Holder.  

Kaarle and her younger sister, Sydney Swifts Vice Captain Abbey McCulloch, have begun a series of talks to girls in high school with the objective of promoting and encouraging a strong sense of identity, self-worth and motivating young women to be the very best that they can be.

Kaarle has been selected for the for Commonwealth Games squad,who will be competing in April 2018. 

'As an elite athlete, I love cycling and enjoy seeing all the riders out at the track at the Pedalthon, some who have never ridden to others who ride all the time, all here for the same reasons - to raise awareness and funds for below the belt cancers'. 



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